Welcome to our community. We want you to settle in quickly and begin enjoying all the amenities our great community has to offer. 

To ease the transition - at least a bit, this page provides the most commonly needed phone numbers and links -where available- for ordering utility services for your new home, some general information about the homeowners association (HOA) at the bottom of the page, and information about our schools.
911 Service In our Neighborhood
Please Note that when calling we are serviced by Williamson County 911, when calling from your Cell phone you will be directed to Davidson county 911, and will have to be redirected please add 615-790-5550 to call rather than 911 to speed up response time. When calling from a land line 911 should direct correctly.
NON EMERGENCY: Station 22  Serves our community - 1493 Sneed Road West Phone: 615-661-5624

Nashville Electric Service (NES) provides the electricity to our area. You can order electric services by calling them at (615) 736-6900 or visiting their web site here
Piedmont Natural Gas provides the natural gas in our area. You can order gas service by calling them at 1-877-279-3636 or visiting their web site http://www.piedmontng.com/

There are several alternative suppliers for local phone service, the most common provider is AT&T. AT&T also offers Internet and cable service in our area as well. You can order service by calling them at (615) 557-6500 or visiting their web site here

There are several alternatives for cable tv service in our community including traditional and satellite services. Comcast is the dominant traditional cable provider - and they offer high speed internet and landline telephone services as well. You can order your cable service by calling them at (615) 244-5900 or by visiting their web site.  You can check out DirectTV service options by visiting the AT&T website above.  You may wish to consider DISH TV and can see their service offerings on their website here.  (PLEASE NOTE: for new satellite dish installations, you need to review and complete the architectural change policy.  You can access that from the Homeowners section of our website, or contact the management company for a copy).

Harpeth Valley Utilities District provides the water and sewer services in our area. You can contact them by calling them at (615) 352-7076 or visiting their website here
Trash Collection and recycling

There are several trash collection services operating in our area. Some provide bi-weekly pickup, some provide weekly pickup, some provide curb-side pickup only - and the prices vary accordingly. We suggest that you talk to your neighbors and evaluate the services for yourself. The three most commonly used services are:
  • Locally owned and operated:
  • Gray’s Disposal
    Phone: 615-297-0828
    Online: http://graysdisposal.com
  • Hudgins Disposal
    Phone: 615-228-6331
    Online: http://www.hudginsdisposal.com
  • National Company (Franchise):
  • Allied Waste(BFI)
    Phone: 615-244-6250
    Online: http://www.alliedwastenashville.com
  • Waste Industries(PDQ)
    Phone: 615-350-5901
    Online: http://www.wasteindustries.com/Locations.aspx?zip=37221

In addition to these commercial services, there is a trash drop-off service not far. You can take almost anything (debris, grass clippings, leaves, old appliances, etc.) to the Solid Waste Convenience Center, 1493 Sneed Road (615-371-1697). The center is located on Sneed Road, behind the fire station, near Hillsboro Road.
Other Services

Driver's License, change of addresses, etc. - call (615) 741-3954 or visit the State of Tennessee License Information web site.
About the HOA

The Horseshoe Bend Homeowners Association (HOA) is you and all of the other homeowners in HSB. The Association is managed by an elected Board of Directors and the Board has retained the services of Association Management Services (AMS) to run the day-to-day business of our community. AMS, our management company for many years, has an office in the HSB clubhouse. Homeowners are free to drop by, call (615-370-8094), or contact Joan at the office via email here.

Every homeowner in HSB should have a copy of the Corporate By-Laws and the Covenants of the Association. Once you get a user id and password, you can print a copy from the "Association By-Laws, Covenants and Rules" section of this site, accessible from the "Homeowners" page. There is also an abbreviated version of the Covenants available which you will find a little more convenient to read and understand. If you are not yet a resident but need a copy of the Covenants or By-Laws, please drop the office and we will happy to print a copy for you.

Accessing the Web Site

The "Homeowners" section on this web site requires a user id and password to access. If you are a resident (or are in the process of closing on a home in HSB) and you have an email address, you can request a user id to access our secure areas. Email the management company to request a user id.

We hope you will find our web site easy to use and informative. If you have any questions about the site, the HOA, or anything else for that matter, please contact the management company at the phone or email address below.  
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1 pm - 4:30 pm (M-F)
Phone 615-370-8094; Fax 615-370-8097; Email Joan: joan@hbend.com .