Pool Rules
1.          Homeowners are responsible for the behavior of their children and guests. Homeowners
            are financially responsible for any damage to pool, pool furnishings and pool equipment.
2.          Pool is for the use of Horseshoe Bend property owners and their guests only. A property
            owner may invite up to three guests to the pool. Property owners must be present at all
            times with guests. Pool key may not be loaned to anyone. Any unauthorized person found    
            using the pool will be asked to leave immediately.
3.          Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by a parent , swim diapers are
            required for all children under the age of three.
4.          No glass containers of any type are allowed in the pool area.
5.          No smoking in any part of the playground, pool or clubhouse deck area. This includes e-cigarettes and Vaping.
6.          Food is permitted at the pool but not in the pool. Please dispose of empty containers and
            left overs in the garbage cans provided at the pool.
7.          Pool gates should be locked at all times to ensure use by Horseshoe Bend property owners
8.          No pets are allowed in the pool area.
9.          The pool area may not be reserved for the exclusive use of any property owner.
10.        Pool hours are from sunrise to 11:00 P.M. Pool cleaning is done early in the morning.
            If you come to the pool early, please do not enter the pool until after the cleaning has been
            completed. Anyone found at the pool after pool hours will be asked to leave and risks being
11.        There is No lifeguard on duty at the pool. Anyone using the pool does so at their own
            risk. The Association and its agents are not responsible and are held harmless for accidents
            or injuries.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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